The Carmen coat

Try the Carmen coat! It’s an absolutely incredible coat – a real winner! The coat silhuette has many fans and has had many happy owners over time. And it’s not without reason – this coat has a brilliant silhouette that gives you a cool grounded feeling when you wear the coat. Of course, you have to be into the long coats – because the Carmen coat is one of our longer coats. It has a cool loose silhouette and is extremely comfortable to wear. The darts at the bottom give the coat a cute balloon silhouette. The coat is a coat you can really snuggle up in and enjoy yourself in. Of course, details can vary from version to version, but typically the Carmen coat has large attached, deep pockets in which you can keep all kinds of things. The outer material can also vary – but is always water repellent and wind proof. We LOVE our Carmen coats – and here you will find our entire selection of Carmen coats.

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