Sky blue silk blouse / jacket from Privatsachen

A Privatsachen blouse in a beautiful sky blue silk. This blouse is nice both closed with a large necklace or open over a more snug-fitting T-shirt. Read more about this blouse just below the picture.

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More info about this dress from Privatsachen

The blouse has a simple round neck, a closure with buttons all the way in front and long sleeves without cuffs. It has a clean look and it allows the beautiful silk get the lead role with lots of fabric in the A-shape. The blouse is significantly longer at the back than at the front. It is also beautiful open over a T-shirt or a shirt. If you want to vary the blouse’s expression, you can twist the blouse in the wet state and let it dry, then you get the look that the Privatsachen dress Myrtespiel has.


The private blouse is sewn in 100% silk. Take care of your blouse so that it lasts longer. Wash the blouse by hand and hang it to dry on a hanger. It is only necessary to wash the blouse if it smells, you do not have to wash it every time it is used. If there is a stain, just wash the stain away. Use detergent for wool and silk. Once the blouse is washed, hang it dry on a hanger. The blouse can be ironed on medium heat. The silk is wonderfully breathable and gives a good feeling, both when you dance all night or hike in the mountains.


We have this silk blouse in size 2:
Size 2 has a chest width of 158 cm – but the distance from shoulder to shoulder is 38 cm, so it is designed to sit fitted over the shoulders and then fall in large folds over the body.
Size 2 has a full length at the back 84 cm and at the front from top button down it measures 59 cm.





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