Black oversize blouse from Muse Knitwear

A black oversize blouse from Muse Knitwear. This blouse is also really cute over a white linen shirt from McVERDI to create a cool layer-by-layer look. Read more about this blouse from Muse Knitwear below the picture.

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Read more about this blouse

The label tag says: “This garment is made in Europe by skilful men and women. Its’s made good and fair, so please handle it with care”.
It is really well written because it tells the importance of taking care of our clothes – then we can enjoy it so much longer. Muse Knitwear is always produced with big care.


The yarn in this blouse is Okeko-tex 100 certified. The blouse is 100% linen. If the blouse needs a wash, wash it on a hand-wash program in the washing machine or wash it by hand. Rather hang the blouse outside so it can get som air than wash it. The blouse is designed in Denmark, Thy and produced in Europe.


This oversize blouse from Muse Knitwear is onesize and fits most body types really well. This onesize size covers a size 36 to a size 44.


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