Blommefarvet lang gummifrakke med lynlås
Blommefarvet lang gummifrakke med lynlås
Blommefarvet lang gummifrakke med lynlås
Blommefarvet lang gummifrakke med lynlås

Raincoat with long zipper in plum

Are you looking for a statement coat? Then this raincoat is perfect for a statement coat. This coat is long and has a long zipper, which adds the edge of the rubber rim. Delicious details like woollen lining, which can be seen when the coat is open or if you make a buckle on the sleeves. The zip fastener is also a great detail that not only has a function – but gives the coat a cool look. The coat is a result of Danish Design at its best – This raincoat is classic, practical and super smart.

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colour: plum

Product description

Last year this beautiful raincoat had 30 years anniversary! This long raincoat is more or less the first coat Lotte designed at the time when she worked up a business in 1987. Despite a couple of minor changes this coat is still sewn and produced from the complete same pattern, which was constructed back in the 1980s.

The coat has a special place in our hearts. Therefore, this coat is a very important part of the history of McVERDI. Just like the other raincoats, this coat is long which makes it perfect for Scandinavian weather. It is almost like a raincoat because it is both water- and windproof. Furthermore, the coat is lined with a woollen lining that makes it nice and warm. Note! The jacket is very water-resistant but doesn’t have 100% waterproof details.

The raincoat has a long season because it lasts a long time and it has a timeless, classic design. The coat has a decorative zipper, zipper pockets and an inner pocket.


The coat has an outer fabric consisting of 65% cotton and 35% polyurethane that gives the rubber-a-like-surface. The rubber surface makes the outer fabric windproof and water-resistant, while the cotton makes it breathable. The coat has a lining of 80% wool and 20% polyamide.

The coat is extremely easy to maintain. Just remove stains with damp cloth and air once in a while. The coat can NOT be drycleaned and not be washed. The coats have limited ability to be washed BUT it has never been a problem in the almost 30 years we have been producing the coats.

The outer fabric there is used for this coat is produced in Italy by the same supplier through 30 years. The woollen lining is produced in Italy as well, while the coat is sewn in Bulgaria.

Production country: Bulgaria.


The coat has a LOOSE fit. In size medium, it has a chest width of 128 cm from which 26-30 cm is meant for room for movement. In size medium, the coat has a full length of 124 cm.



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