Pants with bright floral Liberty print

Here you have the ultimate summer pants – an amazing version of our pants with elastic made in floral Liberty fabric. We have chosen the most summerly print in Liberty’s collection, which is an interpretation of a beautiful wild flower meadow. The pants are bright, but have many fine color represented in the floral print so they can be styled with many different colors from the summer wardrobe. Read more about the pants below.

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colour: dark wildflower

A little more info …

Maybe you already know our lovely Jane pants with elastic waistband? If not, then let us introducd you! Our pants with elastic waistband in an extremely popular trouser silhouette from McVERDI. It comes in slightly different versions, but is typically a cropped pants with a little extra width. Here the pants are made in a floral Liberty London fabric. The pants can be used in many different ways. For example, many are really happy to wear the pants under a dress. It looks really cute under a solid colored linen dress. The pants are flexible due to the elastic waist, so they are also comfortable to wear. And then of course they have pockets 🙂

The fabric

The pants are lucky to be sewn in 100% cotton with a finest floral print from Liberty London. The cotton quality from Liberty is very special – it has a silk like and smooth surface and an almost silky look. It’s crispy and keep looking good even if used a lot. Liberty is an English brand that has been around for almost 150 years. They are known for their unique and special prints that have a distinct degree of detail and which are still drawn and designed in the hand to this day. Liberty has made prints within almost all styles – but is probably most known for their small -flowered classics. All designs are still made from the head office in London, while the fabric are printed at Liberty’s factory in Milan, Italy. This cotton quality is light and delicious. Wash cold and gently and watch out for your pants. The pants ar sewn in Bulgaria.

The silhouette and fit

The pants have a Jane silhouette and a flexible waist due to the elastic. In size medium they have a full length of 90 cm and are a tummy tuck.

The Jane trouser fit

The Jane-trouser fit is a classic in the collections of McVERDI. It has been a part of the “trouser-family” for ages and keeps on being a favourite bestseller! Through the years it has been seen in many kinds of fabric – but most “famous” must be the linen version!
Below you will find the base measurement of the Jane trousers, but the feeling and design of the trousers will vary from style to style and from fabric to fabric. There can be more width, details will be different and so on.. but the base is the same 🙂
Due to the elastic waistband, the waist width is flexible.

waist width
hip width
width at crotch
front rise heigh
front skridtlængde
back rise heigh
bag skridtlængde


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