Bottle green trousers with elastic
Bottle green trousers with elastic
Bottle green trousers with elastic
Bottle green trousers with elastic
Bottle green trousers with elastic
Flaskegrøn kjole med smal silhuet

Bottle green trousers with elastic


A pair of beautiful McVERDI trousers with elastic in a nice dark green color. Read more about the green pants below.

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colour: green

A little more info about the green trousers

A pair of beautiful winter trousers in a classic McVERDI silhouette. The trousers have wide legs and are not too long. They are therefore very nice to wear under a dress or a tunic. They can also easily be used with a big knit or shirt over where you see more of the pants. Since it is short trousers, you can possibly choose a neat knee sock (for example with stripes or similar).

The fabric

These dark green trousers are sewn in a nice quality consisting of 53% viscose and 47% linen. The two threads that are woven together are black and dark green, which gives a nice mottled result. The structure feels like linen, but falls heavier due to the viscose – and curls less. The material is not heavy, but has a structure that feels wintery. The material is woven in Italy, while the blouse is sewn in Bulgaria.

The silhouette and fit

The trousers have a JANE silhouette and in medium size have a full length of 93 cm.

The Jane trouser fit

The Jane-trouser fit is a classic in the collections of McVERDI. It has been a part of the “trouser-family” for ages and keeps on being a favourite bestseller! Through the years it has been seen in many kinds of fabric – but most “famous” must be the linen version!
Below you will find the base measurement of the Jane trousers, but the feeling and design of the trousers will vary from style to style and from fabric to fabric. There can be more width, details will be different and so on.. but the base is the same 🙂
Due to the elastic waistband, the waist width is flexible.

waist width
hip width
width at crotch
front rise heigh
front skridtlængde
back rise heigh
bag skridtlængde


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