Caramel coloured long skirt in corduroy


A lovely medium-length skirt in caramel-coloured wide ribbed corduroy. The skirt is slightly rounded and therefore has a light A-silhouette. Read more about the skirt under the pictures.

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A little more info …

With this beautiful, medium-length skirt, you get the opportunity to create a sharp and beautiful autumn set. The caramel-colored corduroy skirt has a good length below the knee and a A-silhouette. It is a good everyday skirt lined with viscose lining. It is super cute to style with a little Liberty floral McVERDI shirt. It has side pockets and is also closed with a side zipper.

The fabric

The skirt is sewn in wide ribbed corduroy consisting of 100% cotton. Despite the wide rifles, the fabric is actually surprisingly light and falls incredibly delicate around the body. The skirt is lined with viscose. You must treat the skirt gently if you want to wash it. Wash by hand or choose a hand wash/gentle program in the washing machine and let dry on a hanger. The material is from Italy, while the skirt is sewn in Bulgaria.

The silhouette and fit

The skirt has a waist width of 84 cm and a full length of 80 cm.


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