Jeans in denim


Jeans inspired trousers in a beautiful denim quality. This is a new trousers fit that we introduced this spring and now have made for this autumn and winter collection. But great jeans can be used alle year round. Read more about these jeans below the pictures.

colour: blue

A little more info about the jeans…

These jeans have a mens inspired casual fit, but they are build from our great existing models. A pair of good jeans are a fantastic basic style, that can be used all year round and styled in endless variations. Great jeans with details such as big backpockets, rounded front pockets, belt loops and stitches – they definetly have the potential to become an all time favorite. The styling opportunities of these jeans are many and they can both be used under a dress or with one of our beautiful tunics or blouses.

The fabric

The jeans are made from fabric that is composed of 63% hemp and 37% ecological cotton. Hemp is a great material for clothes and it has actually been used for clothes making for many years ago – before cotton and silk were used. Hemp has come to stay. It wrinkles less than cotton and hemp is extremely durable. So because of the mix of materials in the fabric, these trousers have advantages such as less wrinkles, longer durability and the material will not appear worn after time. Futhermore, for this fabric quality, we have used a “garment washed” method, which means that the fabric has been washed severeal times before production and it contributes to the look of the trousers by adding some edge. For this denim blue material we have used a orange/brown thread, which really brings a cool detail to the jeans. Handwash your jeans or use a washbin program for your machine. Wash the jeans seperately or with similar colours and avoid light contact surfaces in the beginning. You can iron your jeans at low heat. The denim jeans are designed in Denmark, the fabric is from China and they are sewn at a family owned factory in Bulgaria with whom we have been working with for many years.

The silhouette and fit

These jeans have a LOTTE silhouette, which you can read more about just below.

The Lotte trousers fit

Our “Lotte“-trousers is the newest trouser fit to our McVERDI “trouser-family”. The Lotte trouser has a more baggy, menswear inspired jeans look and the silhouette is work-wear inspired.

Be aware that the width of trouser legs, details like pockets and length vary from style to style. Nevertheless below you will find the most basic measurement of the Lotte trousers.

waist width
hip width
width at crotch
front rise heigh
front skridtlængde
back rise heigh
bag skridtlængde


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