Smukkeste sommernederdel
Smukkeste sommernederdel
Smukkeste sommernederdel
Smukkeste sommernederdel
Smukkeste sommernederdel
Smukkeste sommernederdel
Smukkeste sommernederdel
Hvid foeret hørjakke med sjalskrave
Smukkeste sommernederdel
Smukkeste sommernederdel
Lyseblå YaccoMaricard skjorte med asymmetrisk lukning

The most beautiful skirt

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The most beautiful summer skirt in exclusive and elegant multicoloured fabric woven of printed yarns and inspired by Japanese vintage-textiles. Read more about the skirt below

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More info about the beautiful skirt …

We absolutely love this skirt, it has so much X-factor! The combination of the fit and the quality creates a unique, exclusive and really beautiful skirt, that just needs to be tried on! The skirt is produced in a limited amount, and do only exists in our McVERDI stores. It is sewn in a multicoloured cotton quality which is spun of blue, green, yellow, white and rose shades, and this makes it so much fun to style the shirt with plenty of beautiful solid-cloured summer tops.

The material

A trip to Japan and a little home brought a piece of vintage fabric. This was what started the whole development- and design process of this wonderful fabric. We just brought a little piece at an antic-market in Tokyo, but we were in love with the structure and the way the coloured yarns gave it a multicoloured effect. Out of one simple cut did Massimo (our Italian textile designer) find coloured yarns, and developed a selection of colour-combinations which made it very hard to choose. It was this summery green, blue, light pink and white combination, that we fell in love with. The material consists of 97% cotton and 3% polyester.The material is from Italy and the skirt is sewn in Europa at a family-owned factory in Bulgaria. Wash the skirt at a delicate/hand wash program in the machine, and afterwards let it dry on a hanger – then it wrinkles less.

The fitting

The skirt has a LOTTE fit, with a lot of width around the hips and down. The full length of the skirt is 75cm in the size MEDIUM.

The Lotte skirt

McVERDIs Lotte skirt is our classic, basic skirt fit and a good basic skirt to have in the wardrobe. It has a well-fitting shape, which has been adjusted through many seasons. It is typically a little shorter when in winter versions while it has a little more length for summer and bare legs. But it varies from style to style and the fit can be used for longer skirts as well.
Likewise details, pockets, lining/no lining varies from style to style. Below you can find the basic measurement of the Lotte skirt.

waist width
hip width


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Blue, Green, Ternet, Yellow




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