Stribet sommerkjole i A-snit
Stribet sommerkjole i A-snit
Stribet sommerkjole i A-snit
Stribet sommerkjole i A-snit
Stribet sommerkjole i A-snit
Stribet sommerkjole i A-snit
Stribet sommerkjole i A-snit
Stribet sommerkjole i A-snit

A-line striped summer dress

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A very nice rose striped summer dress in A-line silhouette. Very easy to wear and a very useful summer dress in a flattering silhouette! Read more about the dress below.  

colour: Rose striped

A little more info on the summer dress …

The prettiest rose/white striped summer dress, which makes you dream about bare feet in the shallows and strawberry ice cream. The dress is elegant and made for summer and is very everyday-like. The pastels stripes and A-line silhouette makes it classic. It is perfect over the bathing suit, but can definitely be used and styled for more special occasions. The dress has a length just below the knee and can, therefore, be worn over a pair of cropped, white jeans as well. It gives a quite cute look. And of course – almost most important: the dress has pockets in sideseams! Good to go!

The fabric

The striped summer dress is sewn in a very delicate double gauze material consisting of 41% cotton, 38% viscose, and 21% linen. The gauze fabric is perfect for loosely fitted summer styles because it is loosely woven and airy. Double gauze is even better! The fabric layers are inseparably attached to each other and the soft fabric is light weighted and not sea-through. Perfect for a summer dress. The striped fabric has a crinkly structure and be aware that it will shrink up to 3% when washed. To avoid shrinkage as much as possible- wash cold. Let the dress dry on a hanger or steam it in shape. The fabric is produced and developed for McVERDI in Italy, while the top is sewn at a family-owned small factory in Bulgaria.


The striped summer dress has a FITTED A-LINE silhouette. The dress is fitted around the chest and the gets more loose from chest and down. The summer dress has a full length of 103 cm in size medium.

Find din størrelse ud fra din brystvidde nedenfor:

Vær opmærksom på at McVERDI generelt er rummelige i størrelsen.

DIT BRYSTMÅL88-90 cm92-96 cm96-100 cm100-104 cm106-110 cm114-118 cm120-126 cm
Din McVERDI størrelse (1-2-3-4)1122334
ca svarende til EU størrelse standard36-38404244464850
ca svarende til UK størrelse standard10121416182022
SilhuetFittedFitted LooseLooseOversize 1Oversize 2
Cirka mervidde omkring brystet4-6 cm10-12 cm24-26 cm40-42 cm60+ cm

Se evt mere om silhuetter og mervidde i vores størrelsesguide

*3X-large: Er du en str. 3X-large med et brystmål på over 126 cm? Så fortvivl ej! Der vil stadig være masser af styles til dig! Da skal du blot gå efter silhuetter med lidt mere mervidde – eksempelvis silhuet Loose – se nedenfor.


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