Offwhite regnjakke i coated hør
Offwhite regnjakke i coated hør
Offwhite regnjakke i coated hør
Offwhite regnjakke i coated hør
Offwhite regnjakke i coated hør
Offwhite regnjakke i coated hør
Offwhite regnjakke i coated hør
Offwhite regnjakke i coated hør

Offwhite raincoat in coated linen


Offwhite rain coat – or at least very shower proof-jacket. The quality is soft even though the coating is quite thick. The coat is a classic and timeless McVERDI silhouette. Read more about the jacket below.

colour: offwhite

A little more info …

A different kind of rain coat sewn in a linen quality with coating. It makes the coat a lot more breathable and comfortable than usual polyster raincoats. The jacket is very water resistant, but doesn’t have 100% waterproof details – so the jacket is a very nice waterresistant spring coat, but not an alternative to 100% practical, sporty rain-rain jacket. Despite that you get a smart and timeless good looking coat which can be used in good weather as well. When the coat is used open you see the nice natural colored linen inside. The jacket has cool pressbuttons and a sculptural McVERDI colour. It has big attached pockets with pocket flaps and an inside pocket. The oversized fit makes it easy to wear

The fabric

The raincoat is sewn in a very nice 100% linen with a coated waterresistant polyerethan layer on top. It makes the coat a “rain-coat”-line surface. Inside the linen is visible and therefor the coat feels nice to wear. The quality is from Italy while the coat is sewn in Bulgaria.

The silhouette and fit

The coat has a full length of 100 cm in size medium. It has a OVERSIZE 2 silhouette and comes in size 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Find your size from your chestwidth:

Be aware that McVERDI sizes in general are more spacious than standard sizing.

34,6-35,4 inches
92-96 cm
36,2-37,8 inches
96-100 cm
37,8-39,4 inches
100-104 cm
39,3-40,9 inches
106-110 cm
41,7-43,3 inches
114-118 cm
44,9-46,5 inches
120-126 cm
47,2-49,6 inches
Your McVERDI size (1-2-3-4)1122334
approx equal to EU standard size36-38404244464850
approx equal to UK standard size10121416182022
SilhouetteFittedFitted LooseLooseOversize 1Oversize 2
Approx added room for movement around chest4-6 cm
1.6-2.4 inches
10-12 cm
3.9-4-7 inches
24-26 cm
9.4-10.2 inches
40-42 cm
15.8-16.6 inches
60+ cm
23+ inches

Read more about silhouettes and fitting in our sizeguide.

*3X-large: Are you a size 3X-large with a chest size over 126 cm? Don’t worry! There will still be plenty of styles for you! Then you just have to go for silhouettes with a little more added value – for example silhouette Loose and Oversized – see below.

Size (numbers)

1, 2, 3, 4






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