Feminin rundskĂĽret nederdel og japansk print
Feminin rundskĂĽret nederdel og japansk print
Feminin rundskĂĽret nederdel og japansk print
Feminin rundskĂĽret nederdel og japansk print
Feminin rundskĂĽret nederdel og japansk print

Roundcutted skirt with print

mc746E-dk-bu Lovely round-cutted skirt, sewn in a beaurtiful dark navy dotted Japanese fabric. Read more down below.

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A little more info about the skirt…

An elegant McVERDI skirt with a round-cutted skirt which makes the skirt move beautifully. There is such a nice “swing” in this skirt. You feel like turning around. It has and a good length and pockets in the side that are stitched with a visible stitch. A nice skirt with a distinctive Japanese print that has both feminine and modern signals. The skirt is lined with viscose lining.

About the materiel

The skirt is made in a quality of 70% rayon and 30% linen. Rayon is a kind of viscose. It is made from wood cellulose, which gives a nice fall and a good climate for the body, both when it is hot and cold. The quality has a winter suitable structure and very nice texture. The blend of linen and viscose gives a soft quality with a slightly wooly look that still has some hold. The skirt is lined with 100% viscose lining. The quality comes from Japan and it is also a Japanese designed print. The skirt is sewn in Bulgaria.

The silhouette and fit

This skirt has a LOTTE fitting. This skirt has a LOW WAIST silhouette. In size medium, the skirt has a waist width of 84 cm. You can either choose to place the skirt in the waist or choose it bigger, so it cuts just below the waist, depending on the look you like. In size Medium the length is 80 cm.

The Lotte skirt

McVERDIs Lotte skirt is our classic, basic skirt fit and a good basic skirt to have in the wardrobe. It has a well-fitting shape, which has been adjusted through many seasons. It is typically a little shorter when in winter versions while it has a little more length for summer and bare legs. But it varies from style to style and the fit can be used for longer skirts as well.
Likewise details, pockets, lining/no lining varies from style to style. Below you can find the basic measurement of the Lotte skirt.

waist width
hip width


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