Orange short sleeved shirt
Orange short sleeved shirt
Orange short sleeved shirt
Orange short sleeved shirt
Orange short sleeved shirt

Orange short sleeved shirt


A beautiful short sleeved shirt in a refreshing orange colour. Read mroe about the shirt below the pictures.

colour: orange

A little more info about the orange shirt…

Do you know the ice cream “Solero”? It tastes like exotic fruits and is delightfully refreshing. This is why we named the colour of this beautiful shirt after this ice cream – the shirt is refreshing to wear! The shirt has short sleeves, a small collar and delicate pleats in the back. It is really pretty to style with a pair of trousers or with a small skirt. You can also use the shirt open as a small cardigan. The short sleeved shirt exits in two colours: denim blue and solero (orange).

The fabric

The orange short sleeved shirt is sewn in 100% linen that is woven in Italy. In contrast to cotton, linen looses its strength when wet and therefore the shirt should be gently washed at 30 degrees with a gentle detergent. Linen is a natural product and is both breathable and has a nice shine. The shirt is sewn at a family owned factory in Bulgaria that we have worked with for many years.

The silhouette and fit

The short sleeved orange linen shirt has a FITTED silhouette. It measures 102 cm around the chest and has a full length of 65 cm in a size MEDIUM.

Find your size from your chestwidth:

Be aware that McVERDI sizes in general are more spacious than standard sizing.

34,6-35,4 inches
92-96 cm
36,2-37,8 inches
96-100 cm
37,8-39,4 inches
100-104 cm
39,3-40,9 inches
106-110 cm
41,7-43,3 inches
114-118 cm
44,9-46,5 inches
120-126 cm
47,2-49,6 inches
Your McVERDI size (1-2-3-4)1122334
approx equal to EU standard size36-38404244464850
approx equal to UK standard size10121416182022
SilhouetteFittedFitted LooseLooseOversize 1Oversize 2
Approx added room for movement around chest4-6 cm
1.6-2.4 inches
10-12 cm
3.9-4-7 inches
24-26 cm
9.4-10.2 inches
40-42 cm
15.8-16.6 inches
60+ cm
23+ inches

Read more about silhouettes and fitting in our sizeguide.

*3X-large: Are you a size 3X-large with a chest size over 126 cm? Don’t worry! There will still be plenty of styles for you! Then you just have to go for silhouettes with a little more added value – for example silhouette Loose and Oversized – see below.


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