Scarf in checkered cotton

A really lovely scarf that can be used for the hair and gives an extra delicate detail for a dress.

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A bit more about the scarf

A scarf that can be used for the hair, but also as an extra detail to the dresses and blouses made out of the same material. Create a really cute detail with the scarf in the hair, on a wicker bag or around the neck.


The hair-scarf is sewn in a soft, crinkly and light summer-quality which consists of 99% cotton and 1% elastane. It is a material that we’re really happy about. The hair-scarf is wonderful, gauzy and elegant with strong associations to endless summer nights, holiday mood and visits to Tivoli. The material is a bit transparent and calls for hot summer days and a light breeze. Hand wash the scarf in cold water, there is no need to wash it often and there is no need for ironing it because the material is crinkly. Be aware of, that the material may contract when using and when it is wet, but it can easily be ironed out again if you prefer that look. The Material is produced in Italy, and the scarf is sewn in Bulgaria.


The scarf measures 45×155 cm








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