Long blue/white striped denim skirt


We have been so excited to introduce this brand new skirt in our collection. It’s a long button-down skirt in milk boy striped denim. What is not to like? Read more down below.

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colour: Blue/white striped

A little more info about the long skirt…

Super beautiful denim skirt with a long and slim silhouette. In addition, the skirt has pretty denim buttons all the way down, which gives it a super nice look. It’s a classic skirt which might end up becoming one of your favorites. Moreover, the big sown on back pockets is definitely a big plus. This long skirt can be styled in many different ways, as you can either style it very edgy and raw, or you can style it sweeter and pretty with a flowered summer top for example.

The fabric

This long skirt is sown in a super nice striped denim fabric consisting of 100% cotton. In addition, the material is strong and has a certain heaviness to it. Moreover, you get a denim skirt which is long-lasting and durable.

After this skirt is sown it is washed very thoroughly, which processes the material making it nice and soft.

The denim material is woven in classic narrow stripes. Be aware that this blue version is colored with indigo color and therefore has to be washed separately the first couple of times since there (in spite of pre-wash) can be residual color left in the skirt.

The denim material is from England and has been sown into this very beautiful McVERDI long summer skirt in Bulgaria.

The silhouette and fit

This skirt has the LOTTE fitting. The skirt is intended to cut right below the waist. Moreover, it has a full length of 85cm in a size medium.

The Lotte skirt

McVERDIs Lotte skirt is our classic, basic skirt fit and a good basic skirt to have in the wardrobe. It has a well-fitting shape, which has been adjusted through many seasons. It is typically a little shorter when in winter versions while it has a little more length for summer and bare legs. But it varies from style to style and the fit can be used for longer skirts as well.
Likewise details, pockets, lining/no lining varies from style to style. Below you can find the basic measurement of the Lotte skirt.

waist width
hip width


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