Norsk jule cardigan med pink detaljer
Norsk jule cardigan med pink detaljer
Norsk jule cardigan med pink detaljer

Grey cardigan with dark pink edges

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A Norwegian inspired cardigan. A nice way to keep the warm in the colds monts. The most lovely cardigan in lambswool and with nice pink details. 

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colour: grå/ mørk pink

More info about the cardigan

The grey cardigan with dark pink edges has the nickname “the Norwegian Christmas cardigan” because the old Norwegian knit sweaters were the inspiration. We’ve designed a cardigan that could have been knitted 100 years ago and can still be used in 100 years from now if you have not used it up. The Christmas cardigan is knitted in really good wool yarn. The cardigan has a round curved neck. A fine pattern in dark pink follows the neckline and goes down along the opening and ends the sweater at the bottom. The sleeves are also edged with the pattern. The cardigan is grey. The Norwegian Christmas jacket closes with 6 lovely mother-of-pearl buttons. This cardigan with dark pink edges is inspired by the Norwegian knitted jackets. It is perfect for cuddling in all the dark and cold months. In addition to being easy to combine with any wardrobe, it fits perfectly in the cosy Christmas days with a warm cup of tea and slippers.


The Christmas cardigan is in 100% lambs wool. The buttons are mother of pearls button. Wash the cardigan on a wool program and use a gentle soap for wool and silk.


The cardigan is in four sizes: size 1= XS/S – size 2 = M/L – size 3 = XL/2XL and size 4=3XL . Size 2 measures 100 cm around the chest and the full length is 53 cm.




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