Grå kortärmad Mansted stickad
Grå kortärmad Mansted stickad
Grå kortärmad Mansted stickad
Grå kortärmad Mansted stickad
Grå kortärmad Mansted stickad

Grey short-sleeved Mansted knit


A short-sleeved knit in a delightful curry colour from Mansted. A 100% linen quality is light and soft. A knit for the bright spring and summer can only create great joy in the wardrobe.
Read more about this knit just below the pictures.

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colour: Grey

More info about this knitted blouse

The knitted blouse has bat sleeves and a V-neckline. Furthermore, the knitted blouse has a ribbed edge at the sleeves, bottom and neckline. A number of fine details that gives the knitted blouse a delicate look, so the knitted blouse becomes more than just a “basic blouse” and instead becomes a very useful knitted blouse in your wardrobe. Use this grey knit as a top for skirts and pants or wear it as a vest over shirt-dresses.


Mansted works with yarns that are pure natural materials or a mixture of pure natural materials such as cotton, linen, hemp, wool and yak.
Mansted strives to have qualities that feel soft to the skin. This linen blouse in grey is no exception, the material is 100% linen.
Wash your linen knitted blouse on a 30-degree hand wash program with a gentle detergent. If the blouse has neither stains nor smells, just hang it for airing, and your blouse from Mansted will last even longer.


Mansted is normal in size. However, smaller in size than McVERDI. The knit is oversize. The measurements are in cm.

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