Bootie from Lofina

Bootie from Lofina

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Lovely warm and light winter boot. The bootie from Lofina is sewn in calf leather and is lined with pig leather. The sole of the boot is made of rubber which is light. Read more about the lovely boot below the picture.

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This Bootie from Lofina has the characteristic rough sole that makes the boot look raw and feminine at the same time. We like this boot because it makes it usable for the entire wardrobe, such as pants, skirts and dresses. A bold Lofina autumn boot. The color of the bootie from Lofina is a color that does not quite know if it is gray, brown, black or a mixture of these three colors, which just makes the boot more interesting and allows for more color combinations for styling.

Material info.

This boot from Lofina is made of calf leather and is lined with pig leather. The sole is a strong and durable rubber sole. We recommend that you give this boot a thin layer of leather grease, the more you care for your leather boots, the longer they last. All of Lofinas shoes, boots and sandals are hand-sewn in Italy.


The good comfort is achieved in the boot’s design. A result gives this floating sensation and the boots’ durable materials: leather and rubber. Furthermore, the materials also make room for movement and it is therefore a very good everyday boot.






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