Stickad tröja i svampfärg från Mansted
Stickad tröja i svampfärg från Mansted
Stickad tröja i svampfärg från Mansted

Knitted sweater in mushroom color from Mansted

Fin og klassisk striktrøje i denne mushroom farve. Denne striktrøje er ret enkel og dermed rigtig nem at gøre brug af i sin hverdag. Strikker er marino uld og dermed rigtig lækker blød. Læs mere om trøjen under billederne.  

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More info about the knitted sweater…

Really nice knit sweater in a completely classic and unique cut from Mansted. There are some nice details on the handles and the bottom of the blouse. Use this mushroom-colored knit as a top for skirts and pants or wear it over dresses to make a more everyday look. The mushroom colours are rose, beige and grey. The colours are placed in blocks on the sweater.


The knit is made of 30% cotton and 70% merino wool which makes the knit delicious and perfect for the cold of autumn and winter.


This poncho from Mansted is normal in size. However, Mansted is smaller in size in general compared to McVERDI.
The dimensions are stated in cm .:

Full length6062646667
Chest width108114120126132






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