Dark blue hand-dyed silk dress from Privatsachen

A very beautiful hand-dyed dark blue silk dress from Privatsachen. The dress is dip dyed – so the silk dress starts with a dark blue colour and get lighter at the buttom. Read more about this silk dress just below the picture.

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A little more info …

The silk dress from Privatsachen has a round neckline and short sleeves. Furthermore, this silk dress has a light balloon silhouette and falls really nicely around the body. Like other Privatsachen dresses, the silk fabric can be straight or be more curly. Twist the silk dress in a wet condition and get a more curly look which also looks really lovely.

NOTE! The dresses from Privatsachen can have a slight color difference from dress to dress because they are hand coloured, but the colours in the picture will always be included.

The fabric

This dark blue Privatsachen dress is sewn in 100% silk. Take care of your silk dress so that it lasts longer. Wash the silk dress by hand and hang it to dry on a hanger. It is only necessary to wash a silk dress if it smells – and hand wash the silk dress. You don’t need to wash it after use every time. If a stain comes, just wash the stain away. The stain can possibly be removed with neutral detergent.

The silhouette and fit

This dark blue silk dress comes in two sizes:

Size 1: Has a chestwidth of 100 cm and a full length of 120 cm.

Size 2: Has a chestwidth of 120 cm and a full length of 125 cm.


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