Loose, blue cotton dress from Privatsachen


A blue loose-fitted cotton dress from Privatsachen is an easy style. It can be used as a blue everyday dress, for more casual wearing or as a black dress for more special occasions. You can also wear the dress together with another cotton dress from Privatsachen for instance a shorter style in another color to make a layered look. Read more about the dress below.

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colour: blue

A little more info …

The blue cotton dress has a round simple neckline, long sleeves, and pockets. This specific style is called “Heisshalt” and is a well-known and popular style in the Privatsachen collection. It is a long dress, quite straight up and down with a little balloon effect.

The fabric

This blue dress from Privatsachen is sewn in a 100% soft cotton fabric. Wash your dress on 30 degrees in the washing machine. You can either choose to iron the dress to get a completely different more “flat” look or “curl” up the cotton dress when wet to keep the curly look. If ironing the dress do it at low to middle temperatures.

The silhouette and fit

This blue cotton dress comes in two sizes. Size 1: has a chest width of 100 cm and a full length of 108 cm. Size 2: has a chest width of 130 cm and a full length of 112 cm.


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