A good skirt is essential to your wardrobe. They are perfect to mix and match with tops and shirts, and gives a feminine look to any outfit. Combine a skirt with a shirt to get a business-look, and with a loose top to get casual and comfortable style.

Above you will find a nice selection of McVERDI skirts and sometimes skirts from other brands. Skirts for McVERDI women of all rypes, silhouettes ad sizes. Each we design new types of skirts, but the most classic is one is the timeless LOTTE skirt, s straight, simple, basic skirt with good fitting.

In the winter season it is made as a baby cord skirt, a denim skirt or wool, while it is often available as a linen skirt during the summer time. The baby cord version is for woolen tights, while the linen skirt is for bare legs and the denim skirt can be used all year.

Besides the Lotte skirt we usually have different kind of long skirts. Sometimes roundcutted skirts, sometimes slim, straight skirts – or skirts with balloon silhouette.

Most of our skirts have pockets and most of the skirts have lining. But sometimes there can be skirts without lining.