GAI+LISVA is high quality basic styles with roots and inspiration in Nordic aesthetic and tradition. Gai+Lisva only uses natural materials in their collections and we offer a well considered selection of GAI+LISVAs best basic styles and knitwear. Gai+Lisva celebrates the calm moments in life and you somehow feel how their choice of materials and fitting improves your calmness.


GAI+LISVA is sustainable products with responsible production and good, long lasting fabrics of high quality. Gai+Lisvas design is classic, timeless, feminine and is inspired by Nordic traditions. You recognize their DNA in each of their designs, where simple and aesthetic details are used. Here at McVERDI we are happy to offer a selection of Gai+Lisvas popular basic top “Amalie”, which is the perfect blouse for layering outfits. Besides that we pick some of their luxury knitwear, which can level of all everyday wardrobes.