Bordeaux snørestøvle med hæl fra NSP
Bordeaux snørestøvle med hæl fra NSP
Bordeaux snørestøvle med hæl fra NSP

Bordeaux lace-up boot from NSP


A feminine burgundy lace-up boot from our new brand Nordic Shoe People. A boot that goes really well with dresses and skirts. The Nordic Shoe People boots fit especially well with our sub-brand September20. Put together nice autumn set with a September20 dress, a pair of colourful Sneaky Fox tights and of course a pair of Nordic Shoe People boots – then you are “good to go”. Read more about this lace-up boot in burgundy just below the picture.

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A little more info about the lace-up boot …

The lace-up boots in patent burgundy have a heel height of 5 cm and a round toe. The boots have a vintage-inspired look but at the same time a contemporary look that fits really well with September20 dresses and McVERDI dresses. The lace-up boot is available in three colours: Bordeaux, black and olive green.

Nordic Shoe People is a new Danish brand we have got on the webshop. The shoes are handmade in a small family-owned factory in Spain and Nordic Shoe People only makes limited quantities. All their materials are EU certified.


The lace-up boot is made of leather and has a lacquered surface which gives the boot a cool look. Furthermore, the boot has an insole which is extra soft. This patent leather boot does not withstand impregnation, however, patent leather boots require virtually no maintenance. Use a damp cloth if a stain appears on the boot.


This boot has a good fit due to the boot’s comfort level – the boot’s shaft, the round toe and the extra soft insole. Write to us at if we need to measure a specific size for you. It is not so easy for us to write whether a boot is large or small in size, as a shoe/boot size is very individual.


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