Green lace-up boot from Nordic Shoe People

A feminine green lace-up boot from Nordic Shoe People. Read more about this lace-up boot in green leather just below the pictures.

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colour: green

A little more info about the lace-up boot …

The lace-up boots in green have a heel height of 5 cm and a round toe. The boots have a vintage-inspired look but at the same time a contemporary look that fits really well with September20 dresses and McVERDI dresses. The lace-up boot is available in several colours.

Nordic Shoe People shoes are handmade in a small family-owned factory in Spain and Nordic Shoe People only makes limited quantities.
All their materials are EU certified.


The boots are made of suede leather. Furthermore, the boot has an insole that is extra soft.
Suede boots stay neat with a suede brush and . If a small stain appears on the boot, start by removing it with a damp cloth, most often it is enough to remove a stain.


This boot has a good fit due to the boot’s comfort level – the boot’s shaft, the round toe, and the extra soft insole. Write to us at [email protected] if we need to measure a specific size for you. It is not so easy for us to write whether a boot is large or small in size, as a shoe/boot size is very individual.


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