Blue sweater from Mansted with zippers

This soft cotton sweater is a very easy piece in this vibrant blue color. It is classic but has a nice zipper detail at the hem.

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A little more info …

The summer sweater has long sleeves and a round neckline. It has a sewing from the sleeve that goes obliquely down on both sides. The last 15cm is there a zipper, that gives a nice effect when they are zipped up.

The fabric

The summer sweater is knitted in 100% cotton. The knitting technique gives a striped look, even though the sweater is solid coloured. The sweater has a bend at the sleeves, neckline and at the bottom. The sweater has a zipper at both sides.

The silhouette and fit

Generally Mansted has a very normal sizing and is a bit smaller than McVERDI. This sweater has a LOOSE FITTING and measures 120cm across the chest in the size MEDIUM.




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