Privatsachen hand-dyed silk dress

A super beautiful silk dress from Privatsachen. The colours and the silk material makes a perfect summer dress. Read more about this silk dress below the pictures. 

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More info about this silk dress

Hand-dyed silk dress from Privatsachen. Privatsaken has for 30 years used natural materials and uses sustainable production methods. Privatsachen focus on fashion, cultural values ‚Äč‚Äčand sustainable responsibility. Every single dress from Privatsachen is unique, that will never be two dresses that are the same. This is because a dress from Privatsachen is hand-dyed.

The dress is therefore a piece of art in itself. The silk material is the white canvas and the artist is the hands of Privatsachen. The silk dress can be used all year because the dress can be styled with a cardigan over. Because the dress is made of silk, the dress has a light expression and can therefore be used over a pair of trousers to get a layer-on-layer expression.

NOTE! The dresses from Privatsachen are very different from dress to dress.


The dress consists of 100% silk. The dress from Privatsachen needs to be washed by hand. Wash this dress as little as possible and it will last much longer. Air the silk dress instead of washing.


We have this silk dress back in size 1. Size 1 has a chest width of 104 cm and a full length of 122 cm.







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