Beige shoes from Art


Nice beige colored shoes from Art, which are made in a men’s-inspired look. They fit really good in the winter wardrobe together with long trousers, a nice dress or a skirt with a pair of stockings . The shoes have a high and rough sole with lots of comfort, and a bit hiking-inspired.
The shoes gives your outfit a more stylish and casual look. 

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colour: beige


These shoes are made from ecofriendly grass leather, which is made from hay and straw. This type of leather is one of the most “lifelike” ones compared to traditional leather. The fabric has a beautiful finish and they are very durable. .


Art shoes have a good comfort and give the foot good support. For the best comfort and flexibility, this Art shoe is designed with a rubber sole.
and very true in size. At the same time, the rubber sole makes the shoe extremely comfortable to walk in and slip-proof.





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