White short shirt from YaccoMaricard

A soft and comfortable white shirt from YaccoMaricard that looks great on most body types and shapes. This shirt has a good length because it is short and this white shirt is, therefore, suitable for pants and skirts. Read more about this white shirt from YaccoMaricard below the pictures.

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colour: white

Product description

A super soft and lovely shirt from YaccoMaricard that looks great on most body types and shapes. The model is made with vertical pintucks that give the shirt a nice and different look. This shirt has a perfect length for skirts and high waisted pants. This shirt will give a nice look by putting the shirt down at the front of the skirt or pants.

YaccoMaricard is known for an incredibly delicate technique with small layers called pintucks, which are used throughout the shirt. It gives a very exclusive look and the structure of the shirt becomes really nice. One of the most impressive things about this technique is that the cut pattern parts are applied after they are cut. So it takes a very neat precision to get a beautiful product that this shirt is.


This shirt is made of 100% cotton. The shirt from YaccoMaricard can withstand 30 degrees in the washing machine and we recommend that the shirt flat dry or dry on a hanger. Furthermore, this shirt can be ironed at low to medium temperature. YaccoMaricard designs all of their shirts in Japan and the shirts are subsequently manufactured in Thailand. We have been working with YaccoMaricard for many years now and we really love the shirts, they are quality shirts that just work every time and are timeless.


YaccoMaricard is one size and fits most body types really nicely. This shirt has a chest width of 112 cm and a half chest width of 56 cm.

The drawing shows the different dimensions of the shirt, all the measurements are in cm. As shown in the drawing, it is a classic short shirt with fine decorative sleeves. You can measure yourself and then see if this shirt fits you and your own measurements.





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