Merry Christmas

We have created some quick Christmas links for you:
You can explore our Christmas shop, read more about Christmas exchange and return rules,
the deadline for Christmas gift delivery, see where you can visit our stores in Denmark.
We hope you will find inspiration and answers to possible questions.
You are always welcome to contact us at:
[email protected]
+45 22 78 45 40

Visit our stores in Denmark

True to tradition, we have again this year created fine Christmas shops, where pampering and a local magical Christmas experience are of high quality. The shops are full of European and Japanese design, where there are attentions for the details and not least a Christmas gift selection in different price ranges.

Visit us:

Aarhus >> Guldsmedgade 24, 8000 Aarhus C
Copenhagen >> Østerbrogade 112, 2100 Copenhagen
Aalsgaarde >> Nordre Strandvej 153, 3140 Aalsgaarde

Dear All McVERDI customers!
We wish you a beautiful, warm-hearted and wonderful Christmas ❤️
Kind regards McVERDI

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