We took over knitting designer Sofie’s pink living room and created colourful spring styling – a true favourite collaboration! The hashtag for the day was fun fashion.

Back in March, we were at The FindersKeepers market with our daughter brand September|20 and The Traveling skirt concept. Close to our stand was the very colourful textile and knitwear designer Sofie Skovlund Poulsen.
Colourful people quickly fall into talk and that was the case with us.

Sofie Skovlund Poulsen is the founder of Sofie Design Art. Sofie creates textiles and happy accessories that spread smiles and creates a good mood. Colourful accessories for your everyday wardrobe.

Right now Sofie works mainly with knitwear and textile prints. Sofie’s inspiration is colours, but also how we are all affected by colors and sensuality. Sofie’s craftsmanship is intuitive and an improvised process. An experimental approach to the design process makes all of Sofie’s collars, hats, and scarves unique and there are only very few copies.

Sofie Design Art is a slow fashion brand and is 100% made in Denmark. Sofie does it all herself – designer, knitter, prints, and much more. A real power woman.

After a few good days at the FindersKeepers market, we agreed that we should do something fun together – play with colours and create something fun. With the company car filled with summer styles from McVERDI and September|20, we (Frederikke, Juliane, and I) drove towards Sofie’s colourful villa apartment in Valby. A fun and creative day were created! A day where everything was allowed – play with colours, play with textures and have fun were the keywords. To that extent, we were filled up on both the “good-energy account” and the “colour-account”.

A Danish summer usually offers a bit of everything with sun, rain and wind, so it is a good idea to get some knitwear in the summer wardrobe. Sofie Design Art knitted accessories can give a little warmth and joy to the wardrobe. A lovely collar for the yellow raincoat, a beret put together with a small jacket, a collar as a belt, a silk scarf in the hair. The styling options are many and only the imagination sets limits.

I do not believe that there are any rules or limits to what is possible in fashion and styling. You have to put on what you want and put together the colours and prints you want. Put on the clothes that give you the biggest smile on your face and the best joy in your stomach, and your day will start a little better.

We get more hours of sunshine a day and I think we can agree that our wardrobes can easily withstand a little more colour.

BUT! If you find it difficult to incorporate colours into your wardrobe, you may want to start by using one colourful item as a fine detail combined with more toned-down shades. For example, a black or white linen dress from McVERDI and
a pink silk scarf from Sofie Art Design – then you are “good-to-go”.

Sofie Design Art products can be purchased right here:

Thank you so much for reading along! 🙂
Kind regards Cathrine

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