The Christmas dress

The Christmas dress

We have gathered some of our different Christmas dresses and Christmas sets for Christmas Eve.

Maybe you will find your new Christmas dress?

McVERDI dresses

Dresses are one of McVERDI’s core products and we make a real effort to put together and design a selection where there is a wide selection of dresses. You should be able to find a dress with us, no matter what age, figure or size you have. In other words we love dresses! Our dresses are designed based on everyday life, which means that you can use a McVERDI dress for everyday, but also for festive occasions. It’s just a matter of the right accessories to the dress – a pair of colourful socks, a necklace or lipstick can all spice up a dress.

Corduroy dresses, dresses with ruffles and Christmas dresses – Dresses for everything in life.
A dress for the dancing at home, a dress for Christmas Eve – a dress for everything fun in life!
Explore all our dresses right here >>

A slightly different Christmas

We are probably many this year who have had a different month of December and are going to have a different Christmas than what we are used to due to the corona. 2020 has been a year of challenges and that is one of the reasons why it is important to try to stick to the traditions and the Christmas joy you usually have. Even though you may not be celebrating the whole big family Christmas, there should be no compromise with the Christmas decorations, Christmas food and Christmas clothes at home! A lovely Christmas dress can bring so much you!

“A great dress can make you remember what is beautiful about life.”

– Rachel Roy, Fashion designer.

The red dress

A real Christmas dress is this red corduroy dress with the low cut….Take a swing and feel how it just moves around you. You will get Christmas mood instantly….

Dusty red corduroy dress with A-line silhouette and low cut – Shop Now >>

The Christmas spirit

We all love Christmas here at the office. Christmas music comes out of the speakers, a Christmas decoration has been put on the lunch table and there is a lot of talk about where we should each celebrate Christmas, and not least which Christmas dress we should wear on Christmas Eve. All this Christmas dress talk gave us (Cathrine and Clara) this idea for this blog post! Namely a blog post about Christmas dresses!

We packed the company car with lots of Christmas outfits, shoes and jewellery, and then we left, home to Juliane (designer of September | 20 and daughter of Lotte HonorĂŠ), to make magical Christmas photos and movies.

When we first got the idea for this blog post, we knew for sure that it was simply going to take place at Juliane’s home. A hall with a checkered floor, romantic mirrors, a long staircase and not least a magically decorated Christmas tree. I (Clara) became the “model” of the day and then the various Christmas dresses were photographed and filmed.

It was a really nice and productive Wednesday morning in Julianes hall, and it was so nice to be a part of a Christmas dress universe – for the two hours it was like Corona did not exist and dresses were the only thing in the world that mattered.

Corduroy, print mix and delicate details is a large part of the sets we have taken pictures of. The sets can therefore be “dressed up or down” as needed. Add a pair of rough boots and a pair of woolen socks for most dresses and they can easily be used just as much in everyday life as for festive occasions. The soft materials and autumn shades add a touch of joy to any outfit.

the-McVERDI-ladies choice of Christmas dresses and Christmas sets

We asked our sweet colleagues if they would write a few words about their Christmas dress choice and us (Clara and Cathrine) also wrote a few words:

Claras Christmas dress – Copenhagen store & webshop

For me, Christmas Eve is an evening where I put on my most festive dress. It’s an evening where I give it full go with the Christmas makeup – lots of glitters! The ultimate Christmas dress for me is the red “Juliane dress” in wide ribbed corduroy from September|20. I simply feel so comfortable when I wear this dress and I really feel like a Christmas ballerina. To me, it is all that a Christmas dress should entail: elegant, magical and festive. I would put it together with a pair of grey tights, my black high-heeled boots and lots of gold glitter on my eyelids!

Lottes Christmas dress – Designer & founder of McVERDI

My Christmas dress is definitely a dress with ruffles. Last year it was a red checkered dress. This year it might be the black or the multi checkered. I feel best in something that both works for a solemn Christmas song with a welcome drink or during the Christmas days pull your legs up under you on the sofa. That’s basically the essence of the clothes I design. That you can “dress” it up and down, and that you feel well-dressed, whether it is for a party or sofa use.
It is weekdays that are most of and you should feel well-dressed every day.

Cathrines Christmas dress – Webshop

Every single year I spend a long time finding the perfect Christmas dress, my search often starts around September. A Christmas dress can be anything from a vintage dress to a dress that I have in my closet. I love the “hunt” to find the perfect Christmas dress. In my world, no one can never be too over-dressed or be wearing too many ruffles. This year my choice is the September|20 dress – The red corduroy velvet dress (Majken), I will add a large pink ruffle shirt underneath and with a pair of pink tights for the dress and a large hair hoop.

Majkens Christmas dress – Copenhagen store

Favorite dress with pleats at the front and back, now in Dusty Red. Because – It’s Sweet – Soft and Red.
It will be 100% my Christmas dress this year.

Carolines Christmas dress – Aarhus store

The “hunt” for the perfect Christmas dress for me has always started long before December. It did so this year as well. Christmas Eve is a magical evening and it requires a magical dress. This year I will wear a beautiful dress with the small berries/Liberty print and then a pair of tights in a bluish shade, then I feel ready for a festive corona friendly evening.

Julianes Christmas dress – Daughter of Lotte & Founder of September|20

A Christmas dress has always been something very special to me. Maybe because it helps to create and substantiate this Christmas dream. Help to set the mood for Christmas. I’m forever looking for the perfect Christmas dress – which for me is all of Hollywood in the 1950s with ostrich, hourglass silhouette and a feminine elegant neckline. I sew them myself, find them in vintage stores or from smaller brands. I once heard a fashion stylist talk about wearing red for Christmas, is like a silly clichĂŠ. I do not think so. To me, most Christmas dresses are shades of red. But it is just as much the fabric that helps create the Christmas dress. It can be delicate lace, shiny fabrics with silk fall, jacquard woven patterns, strutting organza or soft, lovely velvet.

My September|20 collection has just been created from a beautiful piece of corduroy velvet that helps to give the winter Christmas feeling. There’s the red, warm Christmas colour or the seductive, midnight elegant petrol green. Two colours I have always had a hard time choosing between. As a kid, I had a book with a fairy tale about two princesses – and I never knew if I would rather be the dark-haired princess in the blue dress or the light-haired one in the red one …. and it was a dilemma for me whether Sleeping Beauty should have the blue or the red dress on in the film’s final scene, where the fairies fight over the colour of the dress … I spent a lot of time thinking about that at the time. It’s a bit the same as the Christmas dress.
This year I think it should be red. There is an extra need for heart colour during this time.

Products from the Christmas pictures:

Should the Christmas dress or Christmas gift arrive on time? 🎁
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We are happy to wrap the Christmas present in and attach a Christmas greeting to the package!

Thanks for reading our blog post!
Merry Christmas and December greetings,
Cathrine & Clara


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