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Hi McVERDI ladies! My name is Julie, and I am the latest addition to the McVERDI Webshop team. Some of you might already have spoken to me. Otherwise, I will look forward providing the best possible service. 🌸
This blog post will be a guided tour through our two stores, which beautifully has been decorated with paper flowers, and paintings by Signe Kejlbo.

I was lucky enough to watch Signe, while she was doing her craft in both store locations, and it is was quite magical to witness, which you will notice ongoing while you read this blog post.

“The world deserves flowers”

The first encounter we had, with Signes magical and creative paper flowers, paintings, and illustrations, were at a visit to ¨Gelskovs gods¨, where a lot of her crafts are exhibited.
Lotte, Cathrine and Juliane were visiting Gelskovs gods, to shoot our AW22 collection. it´s a place which holds a special place in all of our hearts, we use this location for shoots, inspiration for new collections, employee getaways, and last visit inspired us to bring the summer into our stores.
It was love at first sight when their eyes glanced upon Signes beautiful creations in the liveliest colors.

Signe is a multi-artist and flourish within different artsy expressions, with a background as a florist, textile designer, graphic design
and a history of working within, Haute Couture for designers such as Lacroix, Givenchy, Oscar de la Renta and Saga Furs!

Early Tuesday morning Signe arrived with a fully stuffed car, full of
paper flowers, paintings, different arts and materials to reshape the store concept, look, and creation a red threat between store appearance and collection.

Signe were given full artistic freedom here and when Signe does her craft, inspiration fills the room and there is an atmosphere you could stay in for hours, surrounded by creativity, colors and beauty which leaves you with joy.

Curious? Very Understandable if so!  Feel free to swing by one of our stores (Ålsgårde og Østerbro) to see if you find new inspiration.

¨Jewelry for walls and Rooms¨

Both store locations have been restyled and especially the Østerbro store has got a completely different look. It really proves what colors can do to a room
Because of Signes Beautiful creations and art, the stores appear to the eye as larger and more spacy.
The shop has become one large color palette, which you can keep exploring, and at the same time follow the colors in Signe’s large painting, which hangs on the wall.

Signe quotes that she crafts “Jewelry for walls and rooms” – Something that we defiantly have adapted at McVERDI.

Signes crafts are available in our store in Ålsgårde, here you find scarfs, paintings, posters which defiantly will bring color into your home. Signes has her own Webshop, and showroom as well, where its possible to buy her art.
Showroom: Ny Carlsberg Vej 37, – DK 1760 København V.

Want a secret doorway to her website? Click here

There is no way around the flower print, and the strong colors this summer season, and therefore I simply must post our beautiful summer styles, which I have collected down below.

Thank you for reading! 🌸

Regards Julie/McVERDI

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