Christmas visit at Potteriet

On Kollerødvej in the city Allerød is a small orange house. “Potteriet” is written in fine letters on the facade. In the house you will find a very special universe created by Rikke Fjalland. You will find a small pottery and a shop filled with fine ceramic temptations and pretty trinkets. If you are lucky to be invited through the back door of the shop, you will enter Rikke’s private home. A quirky home with odd angles, cozy nooks and without a single standard solution. If you are allowed to look into Rikke’s wardrobe, you will discover that a real McVERDI woman lives here!

One day at the end of November, a small group of the McVERDI team went to visit Potte-Rikke and her daughter, Juliane, at Rikke’s home and created a small portrait of the two McVERDI women. We dreamed of getting into the Christmas spirit – and quickly that wish was fulfilled. Already in front of the house we were greeted by the Christmas atmosphere – Red apples hung on adorable red strings, Christmas lights decorated the fir trees and a beautiful red wreath hung on the big green front door. Knock knock… and Rikke came out and welcomed us with a smile and hugs.

But who is Potte-Rikke you might be asking?

About herself she says;
“My name is Rikke Fjalland and I am a potter. Being a potter is the same as a ceramicist, but I think potter sounds more cozy and friendly – and that’s how I am.”

And that’s exactly how we see Rikke – Cozy, friendly and thoroughly warm and wonderful!

Christmas joy in generations

Rikke’s Pottery is located in Rikke’s own house – Work and home under the same roof. We were first invited into her small home behind the shop. Here it was like stepping into Santa’s workshop – A home full of details and personality. Display cabinets from floor to ceiling. Wallpapers and patterns. Baskets and trinkets. A spiral staircase in the middle of the kitchen to the cozy first floor. Fire in the fireplace. Wherever the gaze fell, the eye was met with new quirks. On top of this, the whole house was decorated for Christmas with the finest collection of Christmas ornaments, antiques, elves, Christmas trees and candles. In the kitchen, the coffee was brewed, and served in Rikke’s fine cups, and we started the day around the table in the conservatory together with 3 generations of Fjalland women. Rikke, Juliane and Juliane’s little one, Solvej.

Two women who loves dresses

The mood is always high when you are in the company of the two Fjalland women. There is laughing, joking and teasing. There is no doubt that it is a mother and daughter duo. Juliane and Rikke also share a love for many of the same things. Creative projects, patterns, decor — and yes, they both have a great fondness for McVERDI dresses. Rikke has been a real McVERDI fan for many years and Juliane has previously been working in our store in Østerbro and is at least as happy with the collection. The ruffled dress, for example, is a favorite with both of them!

Christmas baking and hot tea in the pot

A Christmas recipe – Ginger Cookies

While little Solvej was taking her nap, Rikke and Juliane started baking Christmas cookies – Ginger cookies – A recipe from a Women’s magazine called Femina from the 70s, Rikke says.

The Pottery and Rikke in her workshop

Hyggen, personligheden og finurligheden er taget med ind i den lille butik, som i disse dage også emmer af julehygge. I butikken sælges Rikkes egne unikating, sjove ting fra loppemarkeder i sverige og flere produkter fra andre små niche virksomheder. From her kitchen, a small door leads directly into the shop, where she also has her workshop. A transition that is hardly noticeable. The coziness, the personality and quirkiness have been brought into the small shop, which these days also have the best Christmas atmosphere . The shop sells Rikke’s own unique items, fun things from flea markets in Sweden and several products from other small niche companies.

Rikkes workshop is in the shop and you can therefore be lucky to see her in action when you pass by. Here you can find her sitting at her lathe or busy modeling the cutest little Christmas trees, chubby figures and much more.

Rikke is self-taught and is inspired by Ingeborg Westenholz, who she worked for when she was very young. Here Rikke found the style that became her own – ceramics that are modern and old-fashioned at the same time.

About her work with clay:
“I make unique items in stoneware. It is clay that has been fired at such a high temperature (1260°) that it does not absorb water and is therefore frost-proof. I hand turn mugs, plates, teapots, jugs, signs and mugs with names on them and much more. When I decorate, it is often with flowers, stripes and dots. My ceramics remind many of old-fashioned earthenware. I take that as a compliment, because I have great respect for the craftsmanship of the past.”

The two adorable women in Christmas dresses

Juliane and Rikke were of course also photographed in the most beautiful Christmas dresses

Unique – Roller fur vest

The beautiful roller furs are made to order. Contact the store or Webshop for more information.

Unika – September20 dress

Beautiful September20 dress in Christmas print with birds and flowers – This dress is made to order. Contact the store or Webshop for further information and ordering

Thank you for open your home for us

After a lovely day at Potteriet with Rikke, Juliane and Solvej, we went back home to McVERDI in Ålsgårde, with our stomachs full of Christmas cookies and in the best Christmas mood ever. We thank Rikke for a fantastic day in the little orange house in Allerød, full off soul, laughter and personality:)

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