McVERDI x Rune Elmegaard

Rune Elmegaard

In this year’s autumn collection, you will find a small exclusive collection with a print designed by the Danish artist and furniture designer Rune Elmegaard. Rune Elmegaard works with art and design. Since the early 20s, he has been very interested in art and Danish design history. There has always been a creative approach to all the many projects he has been a part of over time. Rune Elmegaard has a unique ability to combine colours and shapes. In addition to the many projects Rune Elmegaard is working on, he also makes prints that can be bought as posters.

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From print to collection

“Getting all the pieces to fall into place when putting together a new collection can be full of coincidences and often marked by what is at all possible. I had seen an ad on instagram from Rune Elmegaard and bought the print as a poster. The large graphic colour fields told me something and I kind of wanted to make something with a large scale pattern on clothes, so I had printed it out before I went to Paris at the fabric fair and might have thought I could find one print which was a bit in that style.

Without actual places where you can sit and work a little, Juliane and I always end up sitting on the floor and eating our lunch while we try to get an overview of what we have seen at the various suppliers. I put it all up and cut a simple dress of Rune’s print – and thought why don’t I just ask him if I can use the print as it is, and quickly an email was sent to him with this little photo.

Rune returned very positively. Rune Elmegaard makes many other delicious prints of which I have bought a part to decorate the shops with. Of course, they are also for sale.”
– Lotte Honoré – Designer and founder of McVERDI

ART – McVERDI x Rune Elmegaard

ART – McVERDI x Rune Elmegaard

The art collection consists of 6 styles: A blouse, kimono, dress with a low cut, ruffle dress, long dress and a pair of trousers: See more >>
Some of the styles can easily be used together or separately. The print by Rune Elmegaard can be used as a set or you can mix the art collection with our corduroy in the grey or terracotta colour. The beautiful print by Rune Elmegaard is printed on a very delicious quality consisting of 59% cupro and 41% cotton. It is a quality we have had with great success in the past. It can be used all year round, as both cotton and cupro are good breathable materials. The material is produced in Turkey, while the different styles are sewn in Bulgaria. Wash the art collection with gentle detergent and separately the first few times. We recommend washing the art collection by hand or on a cold silk program in the washing machine. Iron the collection on low heat.



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