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With a beautiful view our largest store is located on the shore just 4 km North of one of the most beautiful cities in Denmark – Elsinore. We love being close to Elsinore, a cultural and historical center with a very special atmosphere.

Elsinore is located in northeastern corner of North Zealand. The city is known for its many historic buildings, medieval old houses, the Maritime Museum, Kronborg Castle, and the history of Hamlet by William Shakespeare.  A cozy cultural trading town full of life in the streets.

But Elsinore is much more than the classic (and great) tourist attractions! If you walk the old streets of Elsinore you will find many small shops run by creative, skilled, and enthusiastic people. It is important to support the small local shops, so we would like to be your local guide to Elsinore and have collected our recommendations in our latest blog post!

We packed the car and left for Elsinore to spend a day on the go and visit all our local “friends” so we could make a guide with our best tips for Elsinore. It was perfect weather and of course we had a whole lot of beautiful McVERDI clothes with us. Come along!

Tour-Tips 1 – Camilla Urban

Camilla Urban
Stengade 12
3000 Helsingør

We started the morning on Stengade, where jewelry designer Camilla Urban welcomed us inside her small bright shop. Since 2001, Camilla has been a jeweler in Elsinore. Camilla works in gold and silver, as well as diamonds, pearls, and precious stones.
All jewelry is handmade and completely unique, due to the hand-picked stones and pearls. Camilla’s style is raw and feminine, and she loves doing personalized jewelry that can bring joy for many years, be a reminder of a special event, or tell a story.
Is there a better way to start the day than to fall in love with gold and diamonds?

Tour-Tips 2 – Kagefryd

Stengade 58
3000 Helsingør

Fancy a little sweet treat? It’s time for coffee and more important- time for cake! No better place to go than Kagefryd (translate: “The Joy of Cake”). Kagefryd was started by Jette Stub, and of course, it was Jette who welcomed us inside Kagefryd. In the warm morning sun, we were served freshly brewed coffee and the most delicious cakes, so beautifully and delicately decorated with fresh flowers.
Jette started Kagefryd in 2017 after she participated in the danish version of the television show: “The Great Bake Off”. At Kagefryd, a cake is not just a cake, but a deep passion and great quality in ingredients and expressions.
We got to taste Kagefryd’s absolute favorite cake – the Lemon Pie. And wooow,. . just wooow! Sweet, sour, and fresh. crunchy and soft at the same time. You must try this! We are in love!

Tour-Tips 3 – MutteStorm

Mutte Storm
Strandgade 77
3000 Helsingør

In an old yellow medieval house behind two large glass doors – you will find Mutte Storm – Kilims & Interior Design. With a location next to the flower market, a view of the ferries and the old customs building, the street in front of Mutte Storm is full of life. Inside Mutte Storm, we were overwhelmed by colorful kilim rugs in all sorts of patterns and sizes.
Surrounded by colors, we were offered fresh lemonade and great stories from Mutte’s travels. Mutte travels around in Turkey in the carpet districts and personally selects the rare and special kelim rugs. The selection is based on the Kilim’s age, the uniqueness of colors and design, and how well Kilim’s fits into the Nordic interior design style. Mutte’s passion for the Kilim rugs made us all want to fill our homes with beautiful Kilim rugs.

Tour-Tips 4 – Tibberup Høkeren

Tibberup Høkeren
Sct. Anna Gade 4a
3000 Helsingør

Around the corner from Stengade, to Sct. Anna Gade, Tibberup Høkeren is located. At Tibberup Høkeren, you will find everything that you did not think existed anymore. Old hooks, soaps, lamps, enamel items, old wallpapers, chalk paintings, classic style clothes ….. and thousands of our tempting items. The visit to Høkeren was like stepping into a scene from before the 1950s.
Inside, we met Nanna who owns the store together with Mogens. Together they have specialized in all the good things from the old days – and with a little twist of modern times. Tibberup Høkeren has a perfect selection if you are looking for a different gift.
Hostess gifts, the little extra gift or gifts for the holidays.  For somebody you know – or yourself! With a selection in all price ranges, you can hardly go wrong in the cozy shop in the heart of old Elsinore. Definitely worth a visit!

Tour-Tips 5 – Kulturhavnen Kronborg

You have not been in Elsinore if you haven’t visited the area in front of and around Kronborg. We took a bike ride to the end of the pier to get a great view of Elsinore skyline.

Tour-Tips 6 – Værftets Madmarked

Værftets Madmarked
Ny Kronborgvej 2
3000 Helsingør

Great experiences and fresh air give a good appetite. At Værftets street food market, there is food for everyone. 
Food from all over the world. Everything from pizza to sushi. We ordered a little from the different food stalls and shared it all. A good way to taste different dishes. It can be difficult to choose between all the delicious dishes you find at Værftets Madmarked.
You feel very welcome in the cosy surroundings of Elsinore streetfood market! Both indoor and outdoor.

Tour-Tips 7 – Røgeriet

Helsingør Røgeri
Nordhavnsvej 3
3000 Helsingør

After Værftets Street food we continue down the culinary experiences: Elsinore Smokehouse!
Therefore, the next stop went towards Elsinore yachts harbor, to visit Røgeriet. In the yellow house, through the small green door, is Røgeriet Helsingør. At the smokehouse, we met Line, who happily served us and told us about the different smokers with different uses of wood. At Røgeriet, they enter the old business with the courage and desire to keep old traditions alive, but at the same time create new and exciting flavors. A wide range of products perfect to bring home to the lunch table or eat right away.

Tour-Tips 8 – Frøken Marina

Frøken Marina
Nordhavnsvej 2C
3000 Helsingør


With the wonderful smoky scent, we continued to another tasty Tour-tip: Mmm … Homemade waffles and ice cream! 🙂 
Here were ordered 5 large old-fashioned ice creams with whipped cream and jam.
Best way to end a perfect day in Elsinore!

Thank you so much for reading along!
Kind regards Frederikke 🙂

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