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McVERDI, Danish design since 1987 – 33 years with McVERDI.
Lotte Honoré creates collections with the greatest knowledge around customers’ needs and wishes. McVERDI is a slow fashion brand with two annual well-crafted collections. Good qualities, years of great knowledge and big know-how of the female body and how clothes should look and feel – All this gives the special, cool McVERDI feeling. It’s about feeling comfortable, true to yourself – and well-dressed. It’s almost a lifestyle, a McVERDI lifestyle.

The sewing machine is running, the phone rings all the time, clothes for upcoming collections gets ready for photography and large packages are carried in and out of the headquarter. We are always busy and we love it! Our workflow in McVERDI can vary from department to department, but the advantage of being close and being a small company is that I (Cathrine) can be hugely inspired by looking at Lotte’s design process/ workflow. For example, when Lotte chooses colours and materials, I start to get ideas immediately. What kind of images and campaigns do we want to create and so on. At McVERDI, we are therefore always in a creative process and we get many ideas – all the time. It’s so cool! We have the freedom to create as long as we have fun and create results.

This autumn we have a denim collection called WORK. A collection which consists of 12 styles. Women in different ages were dressed in denim, checks and corduroy – A McVERDI denim universe was created:


Did you know…..

… our DENIM collection is designed for the everyday woman. For all women. There is something for every type, age and style.

… our DENIM collection is designed to create a connection. It has an elegant, subdued strength that provides space and free options for individual styling.

… Our DENIM collection has all the good features of classic denim.
Durability, the beautiful indigo blue colour and the “work” feeling, but at the same time a renewed expression in weaving, fibre and structure.

… The DENIM collection is created in a quality of hemp and organic cotton, produced by an organic certified manufacturer in China.

… you might find your new everyday favorite in our DENIM collection!

Get to know us! – did you know…?

It all started over 30 years ago with a dream. A dream about meeting my own design on the street when walking through the city.
– Lotte Honoré

Did you know that this “rubber coat”/raincoat was the beginning of McVERDI?
– A true McVERDI bestseller!

Discover all >>

We have 100% Europe production. Most of our clothes are sewn at Irena’s factory in Bulgaria, which in many ways resembles our own business.
Irena runs the factory with her father and have team of 35 seamstresses.

Did you know the dress with pleats Clara is wearing (front to the right)
has been part of the collection for 20 years?

Corduroy, denim or linen – see all the dress with pleats >> click here!

One, two, three and pack!
We have written 15,651 personalized postcards since our webshop opened in 2015?
We LOVE it and we love to send out packages to all over the world!

Did you know that McVERDI has three physical stores in Denmark?
and a webshop?
And did you know that we ship worldwide?


Juliane, daughter of Lotte, has created her own brand: September|20

September|20 is founded on a strong passion and love for dresses.
The brand is exclusive vintage-inspired dresses and skirts for the modern everyday wardrobe sewn in limited quantities.
September|20 this way >>

Did you that McVERDI is a workplace for 15 women between the ages of 20 and 66?

We use pure natural materials as long as it makes sense!
We transport all our materials and productions in trucks! (The entire McVERDI team empties the trucks themselves when they arrive at Aalsgaarde).
We always make sure that we only work with sweet partners who treat their employees properly!
We always value professional pride in our manufacturers!

We use 4.5 meters of fabric to make our statement ruffle dress!

See all our ruffle dresses right here >>

Three generations

There are three generations represented in McVERDI. Lotte and Juliane are running McVERDI,
Lotte’s mother, visual/paint artist Lise Honoré, contributes with the decorative everyday ceramics that can be seen in our three physical stores.
See the ceramics in our stores or we can send pictures -> just contact us: [email protected]:

Aarhus >>
Copenhagen >>
Aalsgaarde >>

The denim collection and more:

Idea and styling:
Lotte, Juliane & Cathrine

Foto and editing:
Jeppe Gudmundsen

A big thanks to all our McVERDI models:
Clara, Mathilde, Thora, Louise, Karina, Bettina and Lise

Thanks for reading this blog post and thank you for your support!

Many happy denim greetings Juliane & Cathrine – McVERDI

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