About us

A young girl's dream

It started nearly thirty years ago with a young girl’s dream. A dream to see her design worn by the women walking by on the street, and to create an original and simple design from the very best of materials, no compromising on quality. My dream came true with my first shop in the heart of Copenhagen, where I had my own showroom, workroom and shop. Here I found the perfect atmosphere for creating, sewing and selling my own designs. Since 1985, we’ve grown both in size and in staff, yet my goal to produce simple clothes of pure style remains the same. I’m proud to be able to present a large and carefully prepared collection of beautiful coats, lovely everyday dresses, and wonderful knitting.

My one small shop grew into several shops

Today, the base of McVERDI resides in North Zealand, Denmark. Here we keep our largest shop along with our stock, office, and my workroom. We also have a shop in Copenhagen, one in Århus, and, additionally, we have distributors in most of the larger Danish cities and in selected shops in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Germany, and Canada.

We became a team

I still design and create every piece of the collections from McVERDI, and today I lead a dedicated team of talented co-workers in our three shops and in our office. I value the feel of unity in my team, and it is very important to me that every co-worker feels part of it and knows the entire process. That way, we create the energy in the dynamics of the firm, which will ensure that the customers feel the soul and honesty of the firm, and that they gain an insight in the thoughts behind the designs. We wish to give our customers the best and most competent and personal experience possible.

Today it is a family business

My talented daughter, Juliane, has practically grown up in the firm and has been with me every step of the way. In 2012, she took over the main responsibility of the communication with our manufacturers along with the documentation concerning sales and production.

A new collection is brought to life

It is still at the same, large, black working table that I test the first ideas of a new collection. Together with my Italian supplier, I have for the many last years been custom-designing all of the fabrics, textures, and prints for the collections of McVERDI. When the test materials are completed, I will design, cut and sew the first samples myself, and I shape every collection with deep respect for the qualities and distinctions of the materials.

A Danish design with international cooperative partners

My design has its roots in Denmark and Scandinavia and is then developed with inspiration from, and in co-operation with, enthusiastic and creative souls in Italy, France, Hong Kong, and the Baltics.